What is your real mission?
To be fair and human is more than effectivity.
The base of each company are people and the basic condition of every business is fairness.

However, gratitude is also important regardless of the result.
Success yes, but not at all costs.
Victory, fulfilled plan, revenue growth are only external achievements.

However, the priority is to have inner pleasure from work and a real help to others.
The first steps for doing business.
1. Perceive your inner fulfillment and talent. 2. Define a priority mission how to help others.

3. Adress clients with it. 4. Do not manipulate them, just help them in the sense of your mission.


The package and the brand is important, but the priority should be the inner substance of the company.


The first impression - package and brand are very important, we often make our decision based on it. 

However, they cannot be a priority, that must always be a remain to be the real substance of the company and the key purpose of product for the customer.






  • To support the beginning entrepreneurs during the process of incorporation in their company, especially to make them aware of the primary intentions in their business area, forming their mission and formulating their vision.
  • To raise awareness of the importance of human and cheerful approach to work in the management among entrepreneurs and managers












  • Create a network of independent partners in order to help proactive and innovative people to realize their ideas and visions for a project the primary purpose of which is people’s wellbeing.







Core values


  • Personal freedom connected to personal responsibility
  • internal pleasure from work transformed into the help to others (proactivity, innovativeness, humanity-gratitude, win:win)
  • fair-play business








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